New Vintage Photo Shoot

Before Make Over

Before Make Over

Since the introduction of smart phone camera filters and platforms such as Instagram, the vintage look has made a come back.. however what we see is not really “Vintage” I tend to think it is more of a “new vintage” with the use of new camera and software technology you end up with a much more polished look than the old vintage. Never the less it does take us back to a time where getting your photo taken was a big occasion, with themes, hair, make up and plenty of planning going into every shoot.

Recently Elizabeth came into Helena’s Day Spa in Roselands, Sydney to be transformed by Cara and Bec our super talented make up and hair stylists to give Elizabeth a completely different look to what she is used to for the sake of this Photo session.

The shoot was relaxed, with most of the session being done in our on site studio, with the outdoor shots done at a local reserve. You can see below that we got some really nice photo’s of Elizabeth as well as a heap of funny out takes… I might  post some of those in my next blog…

lizzy-4 lizzy-5 lizzy-10 lizzy-26

Vintage Styled

Vintage Styled



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