Rydges Melbourne Cup 2016

Greg and Nicoles Wedding

19th December 2015, Mittagong NSW

Rydges Cronulla – Melbourne Cup 2015

Jodie Webster Personal Trainer

I’ve known Jodie for over 10 years starting out in the health-food and alternative medicine industry. Jodie now helps many Women and Men achieve their goals by combining her amazing knowledge in naturopathy, nutrition and personal training.

Having myself spent many years competing in Road and Track Cycling I know first hand the importance of balancing these three area’s, neglect of any one of them will always end in underwhelming results..

Some time ago Jodie set her self some medium term body transformation goals, she booked me in a fair way in advance for a photo shoot to add some extra pressure to follow through with the training and dieting to achieve her goals.

Here are some of the photos we took at her recent photo shoot, now forty something… this is the best I’ve seen her look.. Well Done Jodes!

Jodie Webster Personal Trainer – www.jodiewebster.com.au

Hair and Make up by www.helenasdayspa.com – Roselands

Jodie-31-2 Jodie-27-2 Jodie-26-2 Jodie-14-2 Jodie-11-2 Jodie-8-2 Jodie-1-2

Sean & Cathy Wedding – Lilyvale NSW

Sean & Cathy held their wedding in a beautiful hidden part of Sydney’s Royal National Park known as Lilyvale… Even though I had travelled past there many times in the past I hadn’t actually been inside the gates. The ceremony was held on a deck just above a running stream and the reception was 50 metres away in a bright, airy building in the middle of gardens and perfectly maintained lawns, perfect for kids to play in while friends and family let their hair down and enjoy the afternoon. When combining a fun group of people with a beautiful location you can’t help but end up with a lovely set of Wedding Photos.

Congratulations Sean & Cathy!

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Melbourne Cup – Rydges Cronulla

Melbourne Cup 2014 – Rydges Cronulla